Butter Garlic Enoki Mushrooms

之前,在一家日本料餐馆品尝了一道日式金针菇的料理。上桌时表面看上去却很普通,色泽不是那么鲜明。当你尝在嘴里时,那蒜茸和奶油结合的香气却不停的散发在你的口腔里。美味十足,含有特别的口感和香气! 金针菇营养价值高,口感清香无论是下火锅,纯清炒或是凉拌料理,还是搭配肉类,都是非常不错的选择..

Previously, I have tried the Japanese style Enoki mushrooms. They looked very ordinary but the combination taste of garlic and butter was great! Enoki mushrooms have a crunchy texture and they actually have a surprisingly high nutritional value too. Enoki mushrooms can be cooked in any dished such as in salad, pure fried, steamboat or mix with meat  also a very good choice.


材料/ Ingredients :-

1) 大蒜 / Garlic
2) 金针菇 / Enoki Mushrooms
3) 奶油 / Butter



Garlic peeling wash, cut the Garlic Puree


Wash the Enoki mushrooms and cut off the base of the cluster. Then cut into half.



Heat the butter in a pan and saute chopped garlic till fragrant.
Add in the Enoki Mushrooms. Stir-fry for a minute until the mushrooms is soft and add a little bit of salt.Last,dish up and serve hot.

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