Butter Bread Sticks with Black Sesame

面包+牛奶是多数上班族选择的早餐,既方便又节省时间。相信大家都有类似的经验,买了一大包的土司但经过数天后又没办法吃完而面包的口感不再那么的松软。这时候建议大家可是尝试“ 黑芝麻奶油面包条”。简单几个步骤就可以完成…

Milk + bread is mostly office workers best choice,it’s convenient and save time. I believe we have a similar experience that buy a large bag of white bread but after a few days could not finish it and the taste of bread no longer so soft. This time suggest that you try the “Butter Bread Sticks with Black Sesame”. Just a few simple steps can be done!


Bread coated a layer of butter, then cut into strips.


平底锅放少许奶油 ,小火加热,等奶油溶化后放入面包条。

Low heat the butter in a pan , after butter melted add in the bread sticks.
Fry the bread sticks each side until golden and sprinkle with black sesame seeds.


完成 ! Completed !


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