Crispy Carrot Snacks


In life ,in addition three meals in one day,snacks definitely bring you a lot of love and hate.
We know that snacks bring harm more than benefit but sometimes we uncontrollable our mouth.How about french fries replace with “fried radish” ? Let’s start !


材料/ Ingredients :-

2个红萝卜 / 2 carrots
水果削皮器 /  fruit slicer
少量盐调味/ salt to taste


Using a fruit slicer, thinly slice the carrots into strips. Don’t forget peeling off the carrot skin .

DSCN0932 (2)

看见萝卜丝一卷一卷脆脆的就可以开始捞起 (油炸时间不需要太久,因为萝卜很容易就焦了) 准备吸油纸把多余的油粉吸掉就完成了!最后调味可以洒上少量的盐 =D

Prepare a deep pot and heat the oil until boiling then add in the carrot slices . Remember,keep stirring to avoid the carrot slices stick together. You can take out when the carrot slices turned to medium brown.  Ready one piece of kitchen oil- absorbent paper to remove the extra oil. Last, sprinkle a little bit of salt for taste .

Enjoy =D


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