Vegan Mushroom Fried

Mushrooms naturally rich of vitamin D. It is a healthy dish and incredibly yummy! Prepared this recipe very fast and filling meal too.
菌菇类含有大量的维生素 D,素食菌类是一道非常健康和美味的料理!这食谱料理简单而且非常有饱足感哦~


材料/ Ingredients :-

1. 金针菇,双孢菇, 平菇
Enoki mushrooms , White button mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms


记得把所有的菌菇类多次冲洗干净哦!双孢菇的清洁功夫比较麻烦些。在还没碰水之前,先剥掉脏脏的外皮,中间的根蒂部分去掉。之后泡在水里用干净的布在清洁蘑菇的表面~ 你看,麻烦吧~~~ ^-^

Remember wash all the mushrooms several times!For cleaning of white button mushrooms is much trouble.
Before rinse, peel off outer layer of mushrooms and remove stems from mushrooms as well.Then rinse mushrooms under water thoroughly and use the clean fabric to clean the surface again. Very trouble right ? ^-^


清洁工作完成后就把所有食材给切好… After cleaning part was done then start to cut all the mushrooms ..


Warm up the oil and put all the mushrooms into the pan. Added a little seasoning (sugar, vegetarian oyster sauce and a little corn flour to thicken) no need add water because the cleaning part mushroom will absorb some of water itself.  So, during the stir-fry the sauce will coming out. If you think not that enough, can add some of it .


Brown rice + Vegan Mushroom = Healthy ^-^


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