Coffee Lemon Slices


喝咖啡是一种时尚..当今咖啡已经成为人们不可缺少的一部分。有些特爱咖啡的苦,有些迷恋咖啡的香!但有少数的人不爱就像我.. 但是我却被这道“ 咖啡柠扎片” 深深的迷住了!刚开始觉得很好奇和懷疑就直接吃檸檬片吗??!! 没想到吃起來可是酸甜苦的结合非常特別的風味 。

Drink coffee is a fashion. In our day, coffee has become an indispensable drink. Some people love coffee bitter but some love that coffee smell and there are less people who do not love just like me but don’t know why I start fall in love with this ” coffee lemon slices”  ! At first feel curious and eat the lemon slices directly ?!?! But I did not expect the first taste was a very special combination of sweet ,sour  and bitter taste .. Lovely!!


Ready fresh lemon and cut into slices.


把柠檬片放在平面的盘里… Put the lemon slices on flat surface of plate ..


Sprinkles white sugar & coffee powder on lemon slices and keep into fridge for 1- 2 hours then you can taste it..


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