One Bite Salad Rolls



This healthy salad combines three of my absolute favorite vege ! I love cucumber roll with potato, broccoli and radish. This is simple, pretty and refreshing appetizer. Yum !!
这健康的沙拉结合了三种我超喜欢的蔬菜!我爱小黄瓜卷上土豆,萝卜及西兰花菜。这食谱很简单,漂亮和开胃爽口。YUM !!



Ready above ingredients / 准备好以上的食材



Puree potato combined with carrot chopped, broccoli chopped. Then pour in the mayonnaise, melt butter and seasoning with a pinch of salt. Lastly, sprinkles some black sesame seed and steam it about 5-6 mins .



Wait few minutes to cool down the puree potato then just roll it up.
After that, keep into fridge for 1-2 hours. Done ^.^b

等马铃薯泥稍微凉了就可以把小黄瓜片慢慢卷起…之后,放进冰箱里冰1-2小时后就可以品尝了 *^.^*



One bite salad rolls ready to serve .. These are a beautiful appetizer and perfect for an elegant party =)

一口沙拉卷准备上桌咯!这是一个美丽的开胃菜而且非常适合提供在优雅的派对上哦 =)


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