Steam Jp Egg Tofu


Simple and refreshing japan egg tofu is a quintessential summer dish in Japan. It is cheap and easy to cook in various way.Today i’m going to use light steaming way..



食材/ Ingredients :-

1. Japan egg tofu / 日本蛋豆腐

2. Thinly cucumber slices / 小黄瓜薄片

3. Radish / 萝卜丝

4. Seasoning sauce – dark soya sauce (1tbs)  + light soya sauce (2tbs)  + oyster sauce (1 tbs)  + cooking honey (2 tbs) + some white pepper + some sugar and combined well  .

调味酱料 – 老抽 (1汤匙)+ 生抽(2汤匙)+ 蚝油 (1汤匙)+ 烹饪蜂蜜(2汤匙)+ 少许胡椒粉+ 少许糖,之后搅拌均匀。


Egg tofu is usually available in a tube form. So, remove tofu from the packaging and cut to desired slices.Then steam it for 5-6 mins.



Place the cucumber slices on plate then add one piece of  steamed egg tofu, topped with a little seasoning sauce and sprinkles some carrot slices and black sesame seed to decorate. Refreshing cucumber slices eat together with silky tofu is fantastic ^.^b  It’s healthy dish and delicious …

将黄瓜片摆在盘里在加上一片蒸好的蛋豆腐,淋上一点点调味酱汁,撒上少许的萝卜丝和黑芝麻来点缀。爽口小黄瓜搭配丝柔般的蛋豆腐简直太棒了 ^.^b  养生及美味…


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  1. her30s says:

    Your food photography is wonderful!


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