Black Sesame Cupcake


These days ” cupcakes ” are everywhere  and everyone will love it. The black sesame cupcakes is so simple to make .. I’m a lazy person and I don’t like the big mess of bakery steps . So, i’m using steam way to complete it ^-^


食材/ Ingredients :-
* Recipe just for 1 cupcake / 只给一给杯子蛋糕的分量


2 Tbs of Pancake mix flour / 2 汤匙的松饼混合粉


2 tbs of Sugar / 2 汤匙的糖

1 teaspoon of black sesame powder / 1 小匙的黑芝麻粉


An egg / 一颗全蛋


1 Tbs of water / 一汤匙的水


Combined all the ingredients and you should end up with a thick consistency like pancake batter. Then grease your muffin cup with margarine/ butter and fill up the cups half full. Heat up steamer ( steam over MEDIUM LOW heat)  for about 10-12 minutes.

*Remember to use Medium Low fire to steam because it won’t crack on the surface of pancake.

结合所有的成分,搅拌后会如面糊般的粘稠。之后,用厨房纸巾在杯子内涂上薄薄一层的黄油再倒入面糊至半杯满。蒸锅烧开以后(在中低火蒸) 10-12分钟。



Steam Black Sesame cupcake was done ! No crack surface , very smooth and pretty good =D



Soft and Moist inner layer / 内层松软,水分充足


Enjoy … ^.^b


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Chan says:

    请问用muffin mix flour也可以达到这个效果吗?我昨天依照你的视频,但用的是muffin flour,结果“发”不起呢~


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      我用的是” White wings 的pancake mix” 哦~ 至于muffin mix flour没尝试过耶~ 你可以直接通过FB联络我,我发pancake mix flour的图片给你=)


      1. Chan says:



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