Tri-colour Vege Tower


Monday start with vegetarian meal. Here with the four kinds of vegetables such as carrot , cucumber , sweet corn and broccoli .

星期一的开始来分素食餐吧.. 这里搭配了4种蔬菜包含了萝卜,小黄瓜,甜玉米和青菜花。


食材/ Ingredients :-

1. Carrot chopped, cucumber chopped, sweet corn, broccoli chopped and rice

1. 萝卜粹,小黄瓜粹,甜玉米,青菜花粹和饭


Heat up the steamer and steam the broccoli chopped and sweet corn about 10-15 mins until cooked .

将切碎的西兰花和甜玉米放进蒸锅里蒸10-15 分钟至熟透


Put the small amount of rice into a mold / glass then press lightly to compress rice. Top with broccoli chop at the 1st layer then come with sweet corn, cucumber chopped and last layer with carrot chopped. If you feel the taste is very light, suggest  you sprinkles some salt on each layer (don’t too much)



Remove the mold/ glass. Sprinkles some black sesame seed on the tower.



Now is done =)
完成了 =)


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