Fruits Nuts Apple Slices


Delicious and crunchy apple fruit is one of the most popular fruits. There is a saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” .So, what are you still waiting for ? Let’s start the fruits nuts apple slices now =)

爽口和脆脆的苹果果是不陌生的水果之一。有句话说“一天一苹果,医生远离我”。那你还在等什么呢?让我们开始坚果苹果片吧… =)


Ingredients of course an Apple, fruits nuts included almonds,  cashew nuts, raisins and  a little of mayonnaise.

食材当然少不了苹果啦 。。 坚果类包含杏仁果,腰豆,葡萄干.. 还有少许美乃滋酱…


Cut an apple into slices (as shown as photo), then each layer topped with mayonnaise and sprinkles with fruits nuts. Now you can enjoy a nutritious food.. Do you like it ? I personally like crisp taste * ^.^ *

将整棵苹果切片(像图中一样),之后在每一层都淋上美乃滋酱再撒上坚果就可以享受一份营养美食啦…..喜欢吗?我个人非常喜欢爽口又酥脆的口感 *^.^*


Hope you enjoy it =)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Camelia says:

    This looks so interesting and appetizing! 😀


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      Thanks Camelia =) You may try it ~


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