Coffee Carrot Cake


Looking for a healthy and simple carrot cupcake recipe with fruits nuts ? Here it is =)  This recipe for no bake vegan carrot cupcake are so simple..



For the ingredient, please prepare a carrot, then grated it .



You can choose your favorite nuts。I personally more love mixed nuts, inside includes cashews, almonds, raisins, etc. All the nuts together cut into small piece. It’s more easy to eat and easy to digest too.

坚果可以选择你爱吃的。我本身比较爱吃混合坚果,里头包含了腰果,杏仁果,葡萄干等等。不同的坚果一起切成小块状, 吃起来也比较方便及容易消化。

DSCN1417 (2)

I using the same recipe of “black sesame cupcake” to complete the bottom part of this carrot cake.Please refer back this “Black sesame cupcake recipe” link  (For this recipe I just change to coffee flavor)

我利用了“黑芝麻杯子蛋糕”的配方食谱完成了底部的部分。请参考黑芝麻杯子蛋糕的连接  (在这食谱上我只是换了咖啡的口味)


我把咖啡杯子蛋糕切半,利用底层部分。之后涂上一层炼乳再加上新鲜萝卜粹,坚果粹和撒上黑芝麻粒就完成了。吃再多也不怕腻 =)

The coffee cupcake cut half, and using the bottom part . Then coated one layer of condensed milk, topped with fresh grated carrot, mix nuts and sprinkles some black sesame seed. Done !  No worries to eat more =)

Enjoy ..


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