Pumpkin Pasta



The weather starts to cool, and the pumpkin season begins.  I saw a lot of beautiful golden yellow pumpkin in supermarket . So, i bought one to home too . Pumpkin is very simple to cook, just simply steamed it and not need any seasoning you can enjoy the sweet pumpkin flavor.




In this stir fried pasta i will add some oyster mushrooms.  Clean the mushroom and cut into small pieces .




Prepare some radish/  准备一些萝卜丝



Place the pumpkin pieces into steamer and steamed about 15-20 mins .




Put the chopped mushroom and radish into the pan and stir fried. Then put the spaghetti noodles and small amount of seasoning such as light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, pepper and oyster.




After pumpkin steamed for 15-20 mins, you can smash it up with a fork or potato masher and then scoop small amount of pumpkin puree put on the plate and sprinkles some black sesame seed (just like photo as shown as above)




Then just added the stir fried pasta on it.  Done !




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