Glutinous Rice Ball Yogurt



Tang Yuan or glutinous rice balls is a snack must to eat during Winter solstice aka “dong zhi” (冬至) which fall on  21st or 22nd of December(Of course, there is no limit to eat on Dec =) So, you can make it anytime . Usually “tang yuan” in round shape and served as part of a sweet dessert soup.  Making  glutinous rice balls are fun and easy to make, plus extremely yummy!

汤圆小吃在冬至是必吃的,通常会落在十二月的21日或12月22日(当然,吃汤圆并没有任何日间限制,你可以随时随地的吃 =)  传统汤圆是圆形的,料理都是以甜点汤为主。制作汤圆很乐趣也很简单,再加上美味极了!



Prepare glutinous rice flour and silken tofu. In this recipe no need adding any water.  Direct use of silken tofu mix with glutinous rice flour, then combined evenly. Do not add too much tofu in once time , if that is not enough then scoop a little bit of tofu and add in again.  Then use hand rub the surface until not sticky.




Sticky rice divided into 3 portions .Add few drops of food colouring.  For the pink dough i added rose colour, yellow dough i added pumpkin puree and the white is orginal. Then knead dough until the colour is even.

平均分成3份。颜色方面就看你本身需要用到什么色彩然后自已添加就行了.. 粉红糯米团是添加红色素,黄色是加了南瓜泥,白色是原本的糯米团。之后揉面团至均匀为止。



Then you can start to use your imagination to make these cute cartoons . It’s cute =p

这时你可以开始发挥你的想象力,搓出各种各样的卡通。 可爱吧 =p



Drop the cute bears into the boil water . Let them cook about 5 minutes . They should float when done. Remove with a slotted spoon. Now you can enjoy “tang yuan” with yogurt together =)







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