Chili Pork Skewers


食物烹饪,即使是同样的调味,玩点小巧思,可带来不一样效果=) 串烧不需要燒烤方法,只需要平底锅就可搞定!

Cooking, even the same seasoning, play with little creative idea, can bring out the different effect =) Homemade pork skewers no barbecue method requires only need pan can get it .


We need carrot and yellow chili, all cut into small pieces



Add seasoning ( small amount of pepper, salt, dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, sugar, corn flour )*add some corn flour the taste of meat more delicious. Combined well then keep into fridge 1hr.

加入调味料 (少量的胡椒粉,盐,酱油,老抽,糖和粟粉)*添加粟粉肉质更美味。之后将调味料和肉啐搅拌均匀放入冰箱腌制一小时。


Heat up the pan and stir fried the carrot and yellow chillies untill cooked.



Take out the mixed pork from the refrigerator, use a spoon to make little meatballs.Then cook with medium heat and fry until cooked.



Use the kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil



Meatball , yellow chilies ,carrot alternating on bamboo stick.



Done ! 完成


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