Deep Fried Japan Tofu


I love Japanese food especially deep fried tofu, crispy outside and soft inside . It’s YUMMY  =D
Deep-fried tofu is an easy-to-prepare. It’s can be a side dish , lunches or dinners . Weekend comes with beer is also a very good choice ^.^v

我热爱日本式料理尤其是这道酥脆日式炸豆腐,外酥内软。太好吃了 =D
油炸豆腐是一个健易准备的食谱。它可以是一个小菜,午餐或晚餐。周末来临时搭配小酒也是非常不错的选择唷 ^.^v


Ingredients / 食材 :-

1. One firm tofu ( I bought from Supermarket packaged tofu)  drained and cut into 4pcs or 6pcs or 8pcs ( depends on you 🙂

一盒豆腐(超市包装豆腐) ,沥干,切成4片或6片或8片 ( 决定于你 🙂

2. Cornstarch in a small bowl . Dip tofu pieces into egg and dust with cornstarch and deep-fry in oil with high fire until golden brown colour.


3. Serve deep-fried tofu pieces hot, sprinkle some black sesame seed, parsley flakes and stained with light soy sauce. Done!




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