Honey Garlic Egg Tofu


Recently I bought two different kinds of tofu(yesterday recipe) and one is the silky texture egg tofu. The recipe is very simple, do not need to spend a lot of time and very suitable for lazy people like me 😄



There’s egg tofu that comes in a tube and cut slices



Place the tofu pieces in a plate, sprinkle  some cornstarch



Heat over medium heat and then place the slices of egg tofu in the pan. Fry for a few minutes until both sides golden brown colour.



Use the kitchen paper towel drain the extra oil



seasoning : Saute the garlic then add 2-3 tbs of honey , 2-3 tbs of soy sauce , some black pepper, a pinch of salt, some five-spice powder,  and water



Stir fried the golden egg tofu for few minutes enough. Done !



Enjoy ^.- B


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  1. ooh, I’ve never seen this in a store before…


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