Low Fat Handmade Pan Biscuit


我常在美食部落格上看见姐姐,妹妹,妈妈们好厉害,常制作很多可爱的小蛋糕和小甜点,每次都好心动想要制作不过家里没有烤箱也没有打蛋器之类的设备。目前的生活状况还不适合拥有这些烘焙小电器。所以,在我分享的食谱里永远只能制作一些比较简单的教程。偶尔在想,或许有些朋友看了,觉得我所分享的食谱更本没有难度,没什么好分享的吧 ^.^!不过我还是想把我所学习的简单烹饪或烘焙过程记载在这里,留下个人回忆 !今天所要分享“手工饼干”的教程和食材也非常简单,不需要烤箱,不需要打蛋器,只需要平底锅就可以搞定!


食材/ Ingredients :-

1. Water /水 :60 gram /克

2.Olive Oil / 橄榄油 : 20 gram /克

3. Sugar/ 白糖: 40 gram/ 克

4. Low Gluten Flour / 低筋面粉:180 gram/克

5.Salt / 盐


别忘了,把面粉过筛之后才使用!Don’t forget, sifted the flour before use !


Add water, olive oil, sugar and some of salt into bowl and stir until sugar fully dissolves. Then pour the sifted flour and combined well until dough like photo shown above. In this process you can add any flavor you like such as cocoa powder / green tea powder / black sesame powder. For your information, the ingredients just use olive oil instead of butter,so, the taste is quite light and healthy. If you prefer creamy butter taste, then just change to butter。 It’s up to personal taste =)

添加水,橄榄油,糖和盐,放入碗内,搅拌,直到糖完全溶解。然后倒入过筛的面粉,搅拌直面团如上图所示。在这个过程中,你可以添加任何你喜欢的口味,如可可粉/绿茶粉/黑芝麻粉。其成分只是用橄榄油代替黄油,所以,味道很清淡比较健康。如果你喜欢奶油香气,那只是把橄榄油换成黄油。这是看个人口味而定 =)


If you want to create fun or creativity on your handmade crackers , suggest you draw the cute graphics in the piece of paper. Then cut it out



Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into thin slices /使用擀面杖把面团擀成薄片



Place the cute graphic paper on dough sheet, cut out the shape with knife


Heat the pan, add the crackers into pan and cover it. Steam for 10-15 mins with low fire .When the bottom part of crackers change to dark color, turning another side and continue to bake for 3-5 minutes.



Done ! Kitty was playing Hide and seek .. ^.^ The color of pan crackers is uneven. It’s does not like the cookies bake out from the oven but it’s bring out another special of style =)

完成!小猫咪在玩小鹰玩捉迷藏 ^.^ 平底锅制作饼干的颜色不均匀,它不像从烤箱烤出来的色泽均匀带金黄色,但它却带来了另一种特殊的风格=)


I enjoyed my afternoon tea with tea bag biscuit as well ^.-b

我在享用下午茶的同时也一起品尝茶叶袋饼干呢 ^.^b


Hope you enjoy this recipes =D

希望你会喜欢我的低脂手工饼干食谱 =D


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