Jelly Crystal Egg


I am very happy to see this !!!  This crystal egg too beautiful! Don’t you think that ^-^ ?  It’s suitable for any party and i’m sure that this is one of the favorite dessert for kids . Let’s see what ingredient we need to prepare ….

我很开心看见这个成品!这水晶蛋太漂亮了!你不觉得吗^ – ^?这果冻很适合派对的气氛,我肯定这也是孩子们最喜欢的甜点之一。让我们来看看需要准备什么材料吧……


To make this, you have to collect some egg shells. Punch a hole at the tip of the egg to remove the egg.Then,
clean the shell and keep it dry




Add the roses into warm water for few minutes (  not necessarily to choose rose, chrysanthemum also can)

将玫瑰用沸水冲开几分钟 ( 不一定要选择玫瑰,菊花也可以)




Heating a pot of water, melt the sugar and add jelly powder ( follow the instruction of jelly powder packaging that you use) . Stir well until mixture is dissolved. You may add in colouring or any flavor you like.




Add in the soaked roses into eggshell / 将泡好的玫瑰塞进蛋壳里



Pour the jelly liquid into eggshell and put it into the fridge for 1-2 hours.




After cooling, peeling like normal cooked egg ^.^










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