Cheesy Curry Fish Ball




Ingredients / 材料:-

1. Fish Balls  – 10pcs
鱼丸- 10粒

2.Curry Powder -2 tablespoon( If you prefer more spicy can add more)
咖哩粉 – 2 汤匙 (如果你喜欢大辣就多加)

3. Garlic – few pieces
大蒜- 适量

4.Coconut Cream – 2tablespoons
椰浆- 2汤匙

5. Cheese – 1 piece
芝司 – 1片


Add some water into curry powder and stir well combined. Then put aside .



Heat the pan, pour some cooking oil add in all the garlic pieces and stir fry .



Turn heat to medium high,add the fish ball , curry paste , coconut cream , some sugar, some soy sauce , and mix well.



When the curry is boiling, let it cook for 3 minutes. Then cut the cheese into small pieces and put on each fish ball and cooked until cheese melted.



Turn off heat and serve with hot … hmm , YUMMY ^-^

熄火,趁热吃。Hmmm, 太美味了 ^-^


Hope you like it  / 希望你会喜欢 =)


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  1. janettefox says:

    Reblogged this on Foodie Fox and commented:
    This literally got me salivating. Will be trying this one out for sure!


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      Thank you Janette =) Must try, it’s really yummy ^0^


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