Cheesy Curry Fish Ball


Often watch Hongkong movie fans , sure very familiar with this curry fish ball. Usually, the hawkers food store are selling curry fish ball in bamboo skewers style. The taste are mildly spicy and very aromatic. Packaging fish ball very easy to get in the supermarket and the ingredients are simple, it is no trouble to make this =)



Ingredients / 材料:-

1. Fish Balls  – 10pcs
鱼丸- 10粒

2.Curry Powder -2 tablespoon( If you prefer more spicy can add more)
咖哩粉 – 2 汤匙 (如果你喜欢大辣就多加)

3. Garlic – few pieces
大蒜- 适量

4.Coconut Cream – 2tablespoons
椰浆- 2汤匙

5. Cheese – 1 piece
芝司 – 1片


Add some water into curry powder and stir well combined. Then put aside .



Heat the pan, pour some cooking oil add in all the garlic pieces and stir fry .



Turn heat to medium high,add the fish ball , curry paste , coconut cream , some sugar, some soy sauce , and mix well.



When the curry is boiling, let it cook for 3 minutes. Then cut the cheese into small pieces and put on each fish ball and cooked until cheese melted.



Turn off heat and serve with hot … hmm , YUMMY ^-^

熄火,趁热吃。Hmmm, 太美味了 ^-^


Hope you like it  / 希望你会喜欢 =)


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  1. janettefox says:

    Reblogged this on Foodie Fox and commented:
    This literally got me salivating. Will be trying this one out for sure!


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      Thank you Janette =) Must try, it’s really yummy ^0^


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