Breakfast – 27


想到早餐, 面包绝对是最佳的选择。早餐利用一样的食材,再创新就可为家人带来无数的新鲜感。看见亲人吃得津津有味,大赞厨艺,自已也感觉得意洋洋,乐在其中呢!

Ingredient / 食材:

1. Bread / 面包

2. Hotdog / 热狗

3. Egg / 蛋


Steps / 步骤:-

1. Prepare one piece of bread and use scissor to cut both sides.

2. Place the cooked hotdog on middle of bread ( i cook the hotdog with boil water, feel that more healthy) . Then one side of bread coated with egg to make sure both side are stick together. Follow the photo instruction above to completed.
将煮熟的热狗放在面包中间 (我是用热滚水把热狗煮熟,觉得比较健康)之后,其中一边的面包涂上一层蛋液以确保两边都粘在一起。按照片上图示完成。


3. Dip the hotdog roll  into egg and pan- fried until golden brown


4.After pan fried the hotdog roll, the cut marks will wrapped by egg. So, if you want look better, use a scissor or knife cut again .  Done , ready to serve =)
热锅煎后,之前剪开的刀痕会被蛋皮所隐藏。所以,如果你想要更美观,再次用剪刀/ 刀子再轻轻切一次。完成,准备上桌=)


Topped with mayonnaise or chili sauce more delicious .



One sprinkle with sesame seed and another sprinkle with parsley flakes . YUM !




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