Cheese Boiled Egg




Ingredients / 食材:-

1. Egg / 蛋

2. Cheese / 芝司片

3. Seaweed / 紫菜


Clean the egg , cover them with cool water by 2 inch and boil over medium heat for 10 minutes .


After cooked the egg, cut half and take out the egg yolk .


Take a piece of cheese and cut into small and the seaweed cut strips.


Place all the small pieces of cheese into egg yolk hole,  cover it with another side of egg. Wrap the egg with 2-3 layer of seaweed strips to make sure the cheese will not flow out through the melting.



Heat the pan with medium low fire, stir fry them with few minutes and let the cheese fully melted .


After remove from heat, cut the egg.  You can see that the melted cheese will slowly flowing out  .


You will smell lightly of aroma seaweed with one bite of cheese egg, really delicious =)


Enjoy ^-^


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