Fried Lotus Root-Pumpkin Sandwiches

Lotus root is popular as vegetable in Asian county. Usually, traditional recipe will cook for soup and stir fry. Today, we try something fresh way to enjoy this ” Fried lotus root-pumpkin sandwiches ” .



Peel and clean the lotus . Then cut the lotus root into thinly slices and pumpkin cut into small pieces.



Place the pumpkin pieces into steamer and steam about 10-12 minutes or until you can easily pierce with a fork. Then mash the pumpkin.



Take a piece of lotus then topped with mashed pumpkin, covered with another lotus piece and light press.



Put cornstarch in a small bowl then dip the lotus sandwiches into egg and dust with cornstarch and deep-fry in oil with high fire until golden brown colour.



Finished products =)  Dip with your flavor sauce to eat, more tasty.




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