Peanut Toast Mochi

DSCN2295最近,我在网上学了这道特殊的“花生土司麻糬”食谱。终于在今天完成了^.^这绝对是很棒的下午茶点心哦~ 让我们看看材料有哪些:-


1. Fresh Milk / 鲜奶 – (small amount / 适量)

2.Toast / 土司-  (2 pieces cut into small  /两片切成小块状)

3. Sugar /糖- ( 2-3 tablespoon / 茶匙)

4. Peanut Powder / 花生粉- (2-3tablespoon / 汤匙)

5.Flour / 面粉 – (small amount / 适量)

6. Egg / 鸡蛋 –  (1 pc / 1粒)


Mix the sugar and peanut powder and combined well. Put aside .


Take a piece of bread soaked with milk ( both side) . Then gently press the soaked toast and place on plate.


Dip the toast into egg then cover with flour. Heat the pan , fried with medium- high fire until golden . Drain with kitchen towel and sprinkles with mixed peanut .


Done. Serve with hot, very YUMMY ^.^
完成。趁热吃,非常美味 ^.^


It taste crunchy outside and chewy inside .. I love that ^.^b
外层酥脆,内里QQ有嚼劲… 我很爱 ^.^b


Hope you enjoy ^-^


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