Scottish Eggs


苏格兰鸡蛋是英国乡村的传统小吃食品之一。苏格兰蛋 外层是以肉末包水煮蛋,口感好,简单制作而且非常适合当派对小吃或啤酒小吃 =)

Ingredients / 食材 :-


1. Minced meat ( marinated one day before use)  /  肉粹 (前一天腌制好,隔天用)

2. Homemade Bread crumbs / 自制面包糠

3. Hard boiled eggs / 2个水煮蛋

Steps :- 


Flatten the minced meat on hand, place the egg on top and wrapped with meat.


Dip the “meat-egg” into the beaten egg and cover with breadcrumbs.
将包好的肉蛋沾上蛋液后,再将面包糠覆盖整个肉蛋 。


Heat the oil for deep fried until golden brown .


The Scottish Eggs done !
酥脆苏格兰蛋完成啦 !


Place on plate and drain the excess oil with kitchen towel . Cut half and serve with hot ^^ Best !!



Enjoy \^.^/


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