Chikuwa Cucumber Rolls


” Chikuwa” is one of the japanese popular food product. It’s can be cook  in various type of dished such as soup or as steamboat (hot pot) dish.. In the meantime, Chinese Lunar New Year is coming soon.. So, i start prepare some simple and easy “Chinese New Year Dish” to share out with you guys.. This is one of the dish as CNY appetizer.I used chikuwa to decorate as small potted bamboo plants.  Hope you like it ^-^

“竹轮”是日本流行食品之一。它可以利用任何烹调方式如煮汤或当火锅菜..今天我要以煎炸的方式做这道竹轮黄瓜卷..在此期间,农历新年即将来临。于是,我开始准备一些简单又容易的 “新年菜”与你们分享。这是一道开胃菜之一,我利用用竹轮装饰成竹子小盆栽。希望你喜欢^ – ^

Ingredients / 材料


1) Chikuwa – one package / 一包


2)Cucumber – Cut into strips and make sure the length as chikuwa.
黄瓜- 切成条状,并确保长度和竹轮一样


3)Stuffed cucumber inside chikuwa


4)Heat the pan with low fire , and stir- fry until it becomes a golden brown .


5)Drain the oil with kitchen towel and sprinkle some parsley flakes ..


6) Then tie with shallots / 之后用青葱绑


7)After tied , place the chikuwa layer of a layered. Done!


Hope you like it ^-^ 希望你会喜欢 ^-^


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