Honey Lemon Carrots


Marinated carrots are an easy side dish or as appetizer for your dinner.  Lemon honey carrots is cooked carrots marinated with fresh lemon juice and honey. It’s taste a bit sweet sour tastes..  Very appetizing =p


Ingredients / 食材 :-


Carrot — cut thinly slices then use a mold to cut out the pattern .
胡萝卜— 切薄片后,利用模型刻成图案。


I choose the “mandarin” mold to match with the feel of  Chinese New Year celebration ^.^
我选用了“桔子” 模型来添加农历新年的气氛 ^.^

Steps/ 步骤:


Heat up the pan , pour the water to covered carrot slices . Then add few drops of olive oil and a pinch of salt.
在热锅里加入适量的水,淹没 所有的萝卜片。之后,加入几滴的橄榄油和少许的盐巴。


Let the cooked carrot slices cool down


Add some fresh lemon juice and  2 tablespoons of honey and combined well.  The sweet sour taste can control by yourself. It’s depends on personal taste.

加入适量的新鲜柠檬汁和 2 汤匙的蜂蜜,之后搅拌均匀即可。酸甜度自已控制, 按照个人口味。


The stir well carrot slices together with the soup put into fridge for 2-3 hours.


Done ! 3 hours later you can try it.. The taste was very good and yummy .. It’s the best snack bar after dinner ^.^b
完成!3小时后你可以品尝了…口感非常棒及美味极了~ 这是晚餐后最佳啤酒小吃^.^b

The following is photo sharing. Hope you enjoy ^-^
以下是照片分享, 希望你享受 ^-^









Thanks for reading =)


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