Tomato Salad


Tomato is very rich in Vitamin C and it is the perfect summer side dish for hot season countries =)

Ingredients :- 

1) Two tomatoes /两粒番茄
2) Canned tuna – 2-3 tablespoons / 2-3汤匙的金枪鱼(罐头)
3) Sweet corn chopped / 甜玉米粒
4) Carrot chopped / 萝卜丁
5) Grab sticks (packaging) cut shred / 蟹肉条(包装)切丝
6) Green apple – cut into small pieces / 青苹果- 切成小块状


1) Cut off the top of tomatoes and scoop out the pulp and seeds . Don’t throw away the tomatoes pulp , we need to chop the pulp and mix together with another ingredients later.

2)  Heat up the cooking pan , stir-fry the sweet corn and chopped carrots with low heat.

3) Put all the ingredients into big bowl and topped with black pepper lemon flavor mayonnaise.

4) Sprinkle some black sesame seed and done !

It is a healthy salad.. I enjoyed the meal ^-^


Enjoy ^.^

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