Minched Pork & Tuna Lettuce Rice Bowl


After resting for 2 weeks, finally back to normal lifestyle ^.^ I bought back some very tasty canned pork from Spain and manage to added into rice bowl for recipe today .. For those who are staying far away from home, may try this recipe out..  It’s simple and quick. Processing time just only takes 10-15 minutes to settle this yummy rice bowl .

休息了两个星期,终于恢复正常生活作息了 ^.^ 我在西班牙带回了一些很美味的罐头猪肉并加入今天的食谱当中。对于在海外留学或工作并远离家乡的朋友们,可以尝试这食谱哦~ 这料理非常简单,处理时间仅仅只需要10-15分钟就可品尝到很美味的生菜井。


First, we need to cook rice. I have no rice cooker at home. So, i only use this deep pot to cooked it . It’s so convenient. The ratio of rice and water is 1:1 (serving for 1person). Rinse the rice with water, then soak it for 15 mins . After that, covered it and cook until water start boiling and turn heat to low fire.  Cook until pot water dry and the rice become soft then turn off the heat immediately and simmer for 15mins .

Prepare 1 piece of egg (not in the picture),  tuna canned and pork canned (optional), mayonnaise ( if you buy tuna mayonnaise this ingredient can remove, if not, you have topped some  mayonnaise with tuna and mixed well) . Last, we need few pieces of lettuce  and cherry tomatoes.




Put the rice into bowl and covered with few pieces of lettuce / 将米饭装在碗里,再盖上几片生菜


For the egg part, pour 1000 cc of water into pot and cook until boiled.  Turn off the heat and add another 300 cc of cool water ( NOT ice water) then put the egg inside and soak for 7mins.



Crack the egg into bowl , sprinkle some parsley flakes , added some tuna and minced pork . Done ^.^b


One person alone also can enjoy a delicious meal ^.^ The taste of pork canned that bought from Spain a bit salty as local people have heavier taste . It’s taste good if eat with rice or just with white bread =)



You can use the extra lettuce just wrap with tuna or minced pork and serve like a side dish .

Hope you enjoy ^-^





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  1. love ur blog with all the the dual languages explanation. awesome blog!


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      Hi Jong, thanks for your compliment =) Actually, my english not so well.. So, i want to practice more through blogging =) You have a wonderful blog too .. I love it ^^


      1. thank u so much. u speak good english, i can understand. you english is very fluent. thank u for your comment ^_^


      2. foodbowlclub says:

        Jong, You’re most welcome 😊


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