[ EAT ] Portuguese Egg Tart, Lisbon Portugal


The first day came to Portugal, our tour guide began to bring us to this famous Portuguese Egg Tart bakery shop in Lisbon called “Pasteis de Belem”. It’s been many years since 1837 until now.

第一天来到葡萄牙,我们的导游就开始带领我们来到里斯本这个著名的葡萄牙蛋挞店叫“Pasteis de Belem”。这家店历时悠久,从1837年至今天。


When you step into shop, you will see a long blue counter is in front and surrounding place with a lot of red wine and white wine. Surrounding space is not that large, but the staffs  there very efficient. Once order, within few minutes can get your food.



I and my husband choose to sit in and have some drinks and enjoy the  famous egg tarts.


The cafe was very clean and bright.


Our drinks ! We ordered one Cappuccino and one Hot Chocolate (drinking a hot chocolate in cold weather is really great and happy ^.^ )

我们的饮料!我们叫了一杯 Cappuccino 和 一杯热巧克力 (在冷天喝巧克力真是很棒很开心^.^)


Here it is, the famous Portugal Egg Tarts are served ^.^


The first bite was taste delicious with smooth custard filling , flaky pastry and full of aromatic. The custard was sweeter and normally the local people will sprinkle some cinnamon powder either sugar powder on top. Both of us like the custard egg with some cinnamon powder and it was a fresh and special tried .



Besides,  the bakery shop still have other pastries like donut , cake and many more.. If have chance, you can order and try it ..

此外 ,店家还有其他的糕点如甜甜圈,蛋糕等…如有机会,你不妨也尝尝吧~


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