[ PLAY.ENJOY ] End Of The World – Cabo Da Roca, Sintra


” Cabo da Roca”  is the cape at the end of the world ! but today we know that this is not true … This beautiful scenery located at northwest of Sintra. We love this place so much and it is so beautiful and amazing .. I’m so glad  to have this opportunity standing on top and take the beautiful photos . Thanksgiving to God giving everything  =)  Let’s enjoy following photos from the cape at END OF THE WORLD !

” Cabo da Roca” 是个世界的尽头! 如今我们清楚了解那不是真的…这美丽动人的风景落在辛特拉的西北部。我们俩很爱这地方,它是如此的美丽精彩。我很庆幸自已拥有那么一次的机会站在山崖上,并拍摄了美丽的照片。感恩上帝赐给我的一切=)让我们一起在天涯享受以下的更多照片吧!


Warmth of the sun

photo (12)

As myself standing in a land of God

photo (14)

Unlimited ends of the earth

photo (11)

The perfect combination of blue sky, deep sea, green field ,red house and human ..

photo (15)

Green field and the plant




Finally, the perfect sunset photo to completed my sweet and beautiful memories in Cabo Da Roca ^-^
最后,送上完美夕阳照并完成了我在Cabo Da Roca 的美好回忆 ^-^

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