Homemade Caramel Steamed Pudding

DSCN3558一个简单又快速的自制焦糖蒸布丁食谱是2013年最后一个食谱哦^.^ v 甜蜜的焦糖与细腻柔滑布丁口感,是无法让人抗拒的一道甜点<3<3<3


[Caramel / 焦糖]  :-

1. Sugar/ 细砂糖 – 6 tablespoon/ 汤匙
2. Water/ 水- 2 tablespoon/ 汤匙

First, combined the granulated sugar with water into the deep pot or saucepan. ( Do not mix it with a spoon) After pour the sugar and water, just simmer with low heat until the sauce is browned. Then set aside .



[Custard] :-

1. Milk/ 鲜奶 – 200 ml ( pour the milk into pot and slightly heat up /  将牛奶倒入锅中稍微加热 )

2.Vanilla Extract /香草精 – 1 or 2 drops into milk and mix well / 加入1至两滴在牛奶里,混合均匀


2.Lightly beat 2 eggs in bowl until combined not foamy then add 30 gram of sugar and mix well / 在碗里轻轻敲打2颗鸡蛋和30 gram糖搅拌均匀。


3. While adding the milk, stirring evenly. Then strain through a strainer to make it smooth.


4. Pour the egg mixture in the cups or mold and covered them with aluminum foil.


5. Place the pudding molds in a steamer and steam on low heat for about 15-20 minutes or until cooked through.


6. Stop the heat, let them cool and topped with caramel when need it .  You can serve it in warm or place the pudding in the fridge to serve cold.



I love aroma of caramel.. taste yummy ^-^
我好爱焦糖的香气,很好吃 ^-^



Hope you enjoy =)


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