Spanish Churros


酥炸油条沾巧克力酱是西班牙典型的甜点。这绝对是冷天的最佳甜点哦…YUM〜基本上,油炸面包在随处都找得到像当地咖啡馆,或者是在街头的小贩推车也可找到。第一口咬下的口感是外皮酥酥脆脆,内里松软就像在吃甜甜圈的口感一样^-^ 我们俩都喜欢… 西班牙是一个非常漂亮和美丽的国家,尤其是当地的美食,很美味,也很适合我们俩的口味..我希望在这里能尝试与大家分享更多西班牙食谱料理,希望你也喜欢…让我们开始今天的“西班牙油条”食谱吧,迫不急与你分享^ .-

Ingredients / 食材:-


1. All purpose flour or cake flour – 8 tablespoons/ 中筋面粉或蛋糕粉- 8 汤匙

2. Milk – 180 ml/ 鲜奶- 180毫升

3. A pinch of salt / 适量的盐

4.Butter (unsalted) / 无盐奶油- 20 gram/克

5. Olive oil – for deep fried purpose/ 橄榄油- 热炸使用

6. Vanilla Extract- 1-2 drops / 香草精 – 1至两滴

7. An egg/ 一颗全蛋

8.Black Chocolate – for melting/ 黑巧克力- 需溶化

Steps / 步骤:-


1. Pour the milk and put the butter into deep pot . Then cook them until boil and remove the pot from heat.


2. Sift the flour through strainer and stirring constantly. Then add the beaten egg separately and mix well. Last, add few drops of vanilla extract to add flavor.


3. Place the batter into plastic pastry container or normal plastic pastry bag with a star tip.
把拌匀好的面团放入糕点塑料容器里或者普通塑料糕点袋。 使用星狀的擠花嘴。


4.Squeeze the dough into hot oil and cutting it scissors. Deep fry until it become golden brown.


5.Drain the oil with kitchen towel. Coated well with sugar and cinnamon when still warm.


6. For the chocolate, cut into small pieces then add some milk and melt in the way of  double boiler . If you want the easier way, just melt it in microwave . It’s simple and easy =)


7. Spanish churros are ready to serve with hot chocolate ! hm… It is so delicious ^-^  Churros can be a ring shape, long or slightly curled that you like~
西班牙油炸与热巧克力酱准备上桌了! hmmm…美味极了^ – ^Churros可以是一个环形,长型或微卷型,看你喜欢~


I love churros dip with chocolate ! This is what i love … I don’t think i will share with others .. I’m sure that i  can finish it myself^.-
我爱西班牙油条沾上浓浓的巧克力酱~ 这就是我的最爱.. 我不认为会与他人分享这个。我肯定,自已可以把它解决掉^ –



Have a nice weekend everyone … Hope you enjoy ^.^b


2 Comments Add yours

  1. lmjapan says:

    These look amazing! I just love churros, they’re one of my favorite snacks. I always eat like 3 of them when I go to Disneyland lol.


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      Lol ~ I love them too…(give 555) ^.^ my 1st tried was in Spain.. I love dip with chocolate very much but it is easy to get fat ^.- hehe..


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