Japanese Bento


Today decided to clear out the ingredients from fridge! So,I use up the leftover  ingredients to make this healthy Japanese bento as my lunch. Although this is not the kawaii bento but it is tasty, healthy and quick to make it ~ Let get started …

今天决定要把冰箱里的食材给解决掉!所以,我利用剩下的食材做了这健康日本便当为我的午餐。虽然这不是什么可爱的便当,但绝对是健康,美味及快速可完成的料理~ 让我们开始…、

Ingredients / 食材

1. Egg – 2 pieces

2. Lettuce – few pieces

3. Chicken breast – small pieces

4. Rice ball – 1 cup of brown rice
饭团- 1杯的糙米

Steps / 步骤:-

1. Beat eggs in a bowl , add a pinch of salt , some sugar and mix well . Heat the pan with medium fire. Grease some olive oil on pan, then pour a scoop of egg mixture and spread over the  pan surface.Cook until half done,  roll the egg toward the bottom side. Then continue the previous step until omelet becomes thicker. Cut the tamagoyaki into small pieces. Here is the link which is provide more details photo for reference:-


2. Rinse the chicken breast and drain with paper towel. Heat up the fire , add olive oil to pan fried the chicken for few minutes until cooked. Last, add some soy sauce and sprinkle some parsley flakes.


3. Rice ball is called “Onigiri” in Japanese. You can make it in round shape either triangle shaped as i make. Place the cooked brown rice  into the ziploc bag then add some olive oil & black sesame and mix well . Form the rice into a triangle by pressing lightly with your hand and done . Before take it out,  wet your hands first ,so that the rice won’t stick on your hand .


4. Put few pieces of lettuce , then place the tamogoyaki , chicken and onigiri on top.  Done =)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Camelia says:

    i love your blog! you’re so inventive and through your imagination you succeed doing wonderful meals! 😀


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      Hi, Camelia.. I’m very happy that you like my recipe and thanks for your kind words ^0^ I’m feeling great today ~Lol ..


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