Chocolate Banana Bites


Omg … It’s dessert time ! Do you like some dessert after the dinner ? I like it much ^.^ but i’m more prefer these light taste of fruit dessert after my dinner. Banana is a great option for  variety dessert such as banana chocolate cake, banana pudding , banana pie, banana honey bar and so on… Wao ~ when girl talked about dessert really excited huh ^.-Dessert is one important part of a woman’s life, especially when sister or close friends join together, while enjoy the great sweet dessert and gossip about others.. Such a great time right ^-^ Opsss… i just mean discussing or exchange opinion such a great time to join together ..( girls, you know what i’m mean) ^0^ OK..enough then …Let’s back to this chocolate banana dessert recipe ~

天啊,是甜点时间!你喜欢在晚饭后来一些甜点吗?我很喜欢^^但是我个人比较喜欢没那么甜腻的甜点如水果类的甜点。香蕉是很好选择,它可以使用在各种甜品如香蕉巧克力蛋糕,香蕉布丁,香蕉派,蜂蜜香蕉块等… Wao〜当女孩谈起甜品真的值得很兴奋吧^ .-  甜品是在女人生命里是重要的一部分,尤其是当姐妹淘相聚一起,在享受很棒的甜点同时,一边聊起别人的八卦..真是很好的时光吧^ – ^ Opsss…我只是说讨论或交换意见个人意见真是聚在一起的好时光~(女孩们,你懂我的意思)^0^好了,满足了吧~ 让我们回到这个巧克力香蕉甜品食谱 ~

Ingredients & Steps / 食材与步骤:- 


1. Nutella – You can use Nutella instead of Chocolate .  Scoop few tablespoon of nutella with milk put into small glass, then mix well.
你可以使用Nutella来代替巧克力。舀几匙的nutella和鲜奶一起放入小杯里, 然后搅拌均匀。


2. In the pan heat them until watery and remove from the heat.


3. Banana cut into small sections, one part of banana side dip into warm nutella  then roll it in peanut powder and set it in the fridge for half and hour.


 leftover some cheery tomatoes in fridge, so, do not waste just decorated on top ^.^
在冰箱里发现剩余的樱桃小番茄,想说不要浪费就把它当成甜点的装饰 ^.^
Hope you enjoy =)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kitchen Cici says:

    What a healthy dessert!


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      Hi Kitchen Cici, eat them without guilt ..haha ~


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