Stir-Fried Snap Bean with Minced Meat

DSC3770休息了10天新年假期,现在终于回到家了。我开始想家了>< 欢乐时刻总是过得太快,但我很享受与家人度过的每一分每一秒=)今天的食谱是家乡菜食谱。只需一样料理就可解决你的午餐或晚餐。这道料理是从邹妈妈那里学的。她的厨艺很棒,非常愿意分享任何烹饪技巧及有兴趣教导我如何做家常饭菜。如有机会,我会分享更多她菜谱=)让我们试试吧!

Ingredients / 食材:-


1) Snap Beans –  rinse water and cut into small pieces
四季豆- 冲洗干净,切成小段

2) Carrot – cut into strips

3) Cucumber – cut into strips

4) Baby Corn- cut into strips

5) Mince meat – marinated 15- 20 minutes with seasoning ( add some soy sauce, dark soy sauce , oyster sauce, sugar , salt, cornstarch & sesame oil)
肉粹 –  加入调味料腌制 15-20分钟 (加入少许的酱青,老抽,生蚝油,糖,盐,玉粟粉和芝麻油)


Heat the pan and pour some olive oil , then add all the ingredients and stir fried until cooked .


Transfer the food into small deep bowl then crack an egg on top . Then place into micro oven for 30 – 50 second until egg cooked.  If you using any cookware like braising pan, you can direct crack 2-4 eggs on top, cover it . (use the pan heat to steam the egg until cooked)

将炒好食物移到小深碗里,然后打一颗蛋,放入微波炉里30 – 50秒,直到鸡蛋煮熟。如果你使用炒锅厨具,你可以直接打入2-4鸡蛋在上面,覆盖它利用锅里热气把蛋闷熟)


Done ! One dish included egg, meat , 4 different type of vegetables .  It’s simple , easy and taste yummy ^.^

完成!一道料理包含了,蛋,肉,还有4种不同的蔬菜类。 非常简单,简易还很美味 ^.^b


If you prefer half-cooked egg yolk , just reduced the time of steaming ~


Hope you like it ^.^


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