Matchstick Cookies

1最近这几天你是否感觉到空气都充满了浪漫的气息呢 ?= P 是的!来临的星期五就是情人节了!已经准备好如何与你爱人或家人一起度过了吗?那情人节礼物呢?对于男性,把花给忘了吧…每年都一样,完全缺乏惊喜~~ 倒不如试一试这个!以烘焙来对爱人传达你满满的“爱”..这火柴棒饼象徽着“你点燃我的生命”! Wao  〜 是不是很有爱的感觉呢?(大笑) …所以,今天赶紧开始这情人节烘焙食谱吧^_^

Ingredients / 食材:-   

1) Cake Flour – 100 gram ( sieved)
低筋面粉- 100克 (过筛)

2) Butter – 50 gram
奶油 – 50克

3) Powdered Sugar – 80 gram (sieved)
糖粉- 80 gram (过筛)

4) 1 egg yolk
蛋黄- 1颗

5) Few drops of vanilla extract

6) 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Steps / 步骤 :-


1) Mix all the ingredients in a food processor and blend it well until dough form.  (you can mix it by hand too) After that, roll the dough on board to thickness of 3mm – 4mm and keep into fridge for couple hours (or overnight) Then cut out 4 sides of dough.



2) Use the knife cut out the dough into strips about 1cm wide sticks, then separated into 2 parts.


3) Place the baking sheet on baking pan and put the cookies sticks on it . Then preheat oven at 150C for 15 minutes or until the cookies sticks reach golden brown. After that, place them on wire rack to cool down.



4) Melt the dark chocolate with double boiler or microwave oven which is most easier way suit you. Then dip the end of cookies stick into melted chocolate and let them dry . ( you can dip the cookies stick with icing flavor instead of chocolate =)

将黑巧克力隔水加热或放入微波炉至到熔化,看看那个方法最方便最适合你去准备。 然后,把饼棒沾上巧克力再等巧克力完全凝固即可。(除了巧克力外,你还可以沾上糖霜口味)


Valentine’s matchstick cookies is done ! Just DIY a lovely box then tight with ribbon and it’s ready to send to your sweetheart ^.-  It’s really simple right ? In Chinese, there is a saying ” Eat in mouth , sweet in heart ” !

情人节火柴饼棒完成啦!只需要DIY 一个优美的盒子,再绑上蝴蝶结彩带,然后就可以准备送给你最亲爱的人^.- 是不是很简单呢?华人有句话说,“吃在嘴里,甜在心里” !


“ The Perfect Matches”  



” Anyone can catch your eyes, but it takes someone special to take your heart.” Happy Valentine’s Day !
P/s : If you are single on Valentine’s Day,   Don’t let anyone to let you feel bad about it ! We share “Love” with Family and Friends ^-^

P/s:如果情人节你是单身,千万别让任何人影响你的感受!我们把那一份的” 爱” 与家人和朋友一同分享吧^-^


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