Homemade Sesame Oil Salad Dressing

??????????昨天是一个浪漫的日子。我花了半天时间呆在厨房里做了特殊的情人节晚餐送给老公=)我们的主菜是Norway新鲜的鲑鱼, 再配上混合坚果水果沙拉(照片上)和可爱的刺猬土豆泥作为我们的小菜(我会在尾段附上照片^^)昨天的晚餐几乎充满了黑芝麻和白芝麻也包括这沙拉酱。我们俩很爱这充满芝麻香气的口味。口感美味,健康,及容易完成的酱料。希望你在家里可以尝试^.-

Ingredients / 食材:-


1) Mayonnaise – 2 tablespoons (can add more if you need to  serve big portion salad)
美乃滋- 2大匙 (量可以自加)

2) White Sugar – 1 teaspoon
白糖 – 1小匙

3) Sesame oil – 1 teaspoon
芝麻油- 1小匙

4) White sesame seed – small amount
白芝麻粒- 适量

5) Soy sauce – 1 teaspoon
酱青 – 1小匙

6) Lemon juice – few drops
柠檬汁- 几滴

7) Black pepper powder – small amount ( optional )

Steps / 步骤:-


Put all the ingredients together into the small cup then mix well . If you feel the sauce a bit creamy , you can add in some water . That’s it~ the sesame oil salad dressing done !

将所有的食材放入小杯里,然后搅拌均匀即可。如你觉得酱汁太浓稠,你可以添加一些水份。就这样~ 完成了芝麻油沙拉酱!


This sesame oil salad dressing easily to match with other dish. It is not only for salad and you can make it as western food sauce such as eat with fish fillet, chicken or dip with french fries =)



Simple recipe and taste good , it’s worthy to learn ^.-

Valentines Dinner

Yesterday Valentine’s dinner ! Here it is garlic hedgehog mash potato ( the garlic mash potato recipe please refer back my previous recipe =)  Just make the shape out then pipe with the start tip ~

* p/s : These photo was taken by phone camera. So, the photo result not so good ..

昨晚的情人节晚餐!这是香蒜刺猬马铃薯泥 ( 有关香蒜食谱请翻阅之前的食谱哦=) 将形状捏出后,再用挤花嘴挤出即可~

Hope you enjoy ^-^


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  1. Camelia says:

    oh, that’s really nice! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day!


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