Home-style Curry Chicken


Curry chicken is one of the common food in Asian , especially in Malaysia and Singapore. In local Malaysia,you can easily eat the curry chicken from mamak stall ( local language, it means Indian food stall) or Malay food stall as well. From here i want to share with you the Penang famous food called “White Curry Noodle” ?  Did you taste before? If got chance, you must order one to try it yourself. It’s so Yummy (for those who like to eat spicy food) ~  Gosh!! I’m feel hungry now =p

Ok..ok, we back to the topic . So, when mention about curry, sure will think of variety spices and how do i  start with all the curry ingredients??  No worries, today i will show you the super easy curry sauce recipe, the taste not that complicated and less ingredients to prepare. Want to learn ? Just follow me ~~~

咖喱鸡在亚洲是最常见的食物之一,尤其是在马来西亚和新加坡。在当地的马来西亚,你可以很容易地从“妈妈档”(当地口语,称印度摊位)或马来摊位吃到。在这里,我想与大家分享槟城著名的美食叫“白色咖喱面”?你是否尝试过呢?如有机会,你必须点一份自已品尝一下。非常美味~(对于一些爱吃吃辛辣食物的朋友们)〜天哪!现在我觉得饿了= P


Ingredients / 食材 :-  

1) Chicken Curry Powder : 1 – 2 tablespoons  (add more if you prefer more spicy… Any brand of curry powder , for me i used ” Babas” brand )
咖哩鸡粉:1-2汤匙 (自加多,如果你爱吃辣….任何牌子的咖哩粉都行,我是使用 ” Babas” 牌子)

2) Sugar – 2 tablespoons or more to taste
糖- 2 汤匙或多 (自已衡量)

3) Fresh milk – 5 tablespoons or more if you want
鲜奶- 5 汤匙或你想多加

4) Garlic chopped

5) Small Onion chopped

6) a pinch of salt

7) Chicken Breast

 Steps / 步骤 :-

1) In a small bowl, mix the curry powder , sugar and salt. Then pour in the milk and stir well. Set aside

2) Heat up your pan or wok, add some olive oil then fried the garlic & onion chopped until fragrant.

3) Add in the curry mixture, then cook until become thick texture of curry sauce . ( I’d prefer thick curry and no coconut milk taste because sometimes my stomach cannot take it. If you like it , just go ahead with coconut milk =)
加入咖喱混合物后,再煮至成质地较厚的咖喱酱。 (我偏爱质地厚的咖喱,没有椰汁的味道,因为有时我的肠胃会受不了,如果你喜欢有椰子香,那就加进去=)

4) Season little sugar and salt. Once boiled, taste it . When the right taste, turn off heat. Now, done the sauce ^.^
再次加入少许糖和盐。煮滚了,品尝它。味道刚好就可以熄火。咖哩酱完成啦~  ^.^

5) For the chicken breast , I just pan-fried with olive oil , black pepper and sprinkle some parsley for taste better.

Photo sharing as below / 图像分享 :- 






Hope you enjoy this recipe ^-^


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