Crispy Caramel Fried Apple


Monday , Tuesday is a boring day.. I’m prepared this simple but elegant dessert to add some sweetness to my day ^-^  As you know, apple pair perfectly with homemade caramel sauce. The apples are soft then covered with crispy caramel, oh my goodness …can you imagine that? It is so yummy =p

周一,周二是无聊的日子。所以,我准备了简单又优雅的甜点让自已充满了甜蜜的一天^ – ^如你所知,苹果沾上自制焦糖酱是如此的完美。内层苹果口感是软的再铺上香脆焦糖,噢,我的天啊……你能想象吗?它是如此的美味= P


1. Wash and peel the apples . You can choose either green apple or red apple, cut them into small pieces and  soak in  salt water.


2. Prepared 30 gram of corn starch and 1 egg white, mix well . Set aside.
准备30 克的生粉和一颗蛋白分量,搅拌均匀。备用。


3) Place one piece of apple to cover a layer of corn starch and coated with egg mixture.


4) Then deep fried the apples until reach light brown. Drain the excess oil with kitchen paper. Set aside.


5) Use the same pan, pour out the extra oil ( just leave a tablespoon of oil ) . Add in 1-2 cups white sugar to cook until melted with medium low fire.


6) Keep stirring until sugar turned amber colour . Then pour in all the fried apple , turn off the heat and mix quickly. Then lift up an apple piece by using metal or wooden chopstick / fork . In the meantime, sugar silk will appear. ( you must done it quickly before the caramel harden.

不停的搅拌至糖变成琥珀色。然后倒入所有油炸苹果,息火,并快速将苹果和焦糖混合。然后用金属或木制筷子/叉子将苹果往高拉,在此时,糖丝就会出现了。 (必须迅速完成次动作避免焦糖硬化)


Now ready to serve =)
现在准备上桌了 =)


I was very happy when the sugar silk appear ^-^
看见糖丝出现,我就非常开心 ^-^


Sweet and crispy caramel fried apple ~ YUMMY !
甜甜脆脆的糖丝炸苹果~ 美味!


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  1. lmjapan says:

    I love the sugar silk too! I’ve made caramel apples before but I just melt caramel candies in butter to make the sauce. This is much more elegant looking.


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      yeah ~ I love the caramel sauce very much !! you can just dip over anything and everything ^.^b


  2. cathy says:



    1. foodbowlclub says:

      不想错过任何食谱,你可以加foodbowlclub facebook喔 ^•^ 谢谢你的支持!


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