Banana Black Sesame Paste Dessert


Black sesame is my favorite food. Every morning, surely will add 1 tablespoon of black sesame powder into my protein drink as breakfast. It’s very good for health especially help to prevent grey hair and nourish hair as well. That’s why i have a beautiful long black hair ( Lol ….) want to see it??  Find someday to show you ^o^ ~

Actually, Black sesame paste dessert is one of popular Cantonese cuisine dessert in Hong Kong . We called them “Tong sui” in cantonese mean sweet soup. Usually, this type of dessert served in hot and eat with glutinous rice balls too. So, today i want to show you something special recipe which similar to make this dessert. The special point is “No Cook” , ” No sugar added”  Black sesame paste dessert =) It’s just need 2 simple ingredients about 5mins to completed this ! Must try !! Let’s get started ^-^

黑芝麻是我最喜欢的食物。每天早晨,我一定会加入1汤匙的黑芝麻粉和蛋白饮料混合作为我的早餐。这是非常有益健康的特别是有助于防止白发生长及滋养秀发。这也是为什么我拥有一头乌黑亮丽的长发(大笑….)想看看吗??找一天吧 ^ o ^ 〜

其实,黑芝麻糊甜品是香港受欢迎的粤菜甜点之一。我们称为” Tong Sui” (粤语) ,糖水的意识。通常,这类型的甜点是热的会加入汤圆一起吃。所以,今天我与你分享一些特殊的巧妙方法来制作类似的甜点。特点是“免煮”,“不添加糖份”的黑芝麻糊甜点=),它只需要2种简单食材,大约5分钟,就可完成了这个甜点!一定要试试!开始吧^ – ^


These are the ingredients what we need for today recipe ~ 2 bananas &  2 tablespoons of Black sesame powder.. that’s it ! It’s simple as ABC right  ? hehe ^-^

这些食材就是今天食谱所需要的〜2个香蕉和2汤匙的黑芝麻粉……材料就这样,结束!简单如ABC吧?呵呵^ – ^


Cut the banana into small pieces and mashed them with fork (Or put into blender). Then add in black sesame powder and combined well . Done!
将香蕉切成小块,再用叉压至烂(或加到搅拌机里). 然后加入黑芝麻粉,拌匀即可。完成!


This healthy Black Sesame Paste Dessert ready to serve now .. I prefer eat cold . So, i will keep into fridge for 30mins to 1 hr. I recommend to sprinkle some peanut powder!  It is so yummy , i’m sure that you will love it ~



It’s taste very smooth and filled with the aroma of black sesame seeds.


It is very healthy weight loss recipe too… Share it to your friends =)


Give a like if you like it ^^ See you again ~
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