Veggie Egg Pizza


Eggs are most basic ingredients and also one of the most basic dished. The first thing i remember making alone was fried egg. This is the basic meal that need to learn first. After growing up, only start to  find and learn the different way to cook egg with skill..So, here is one of the egg dish with high satiety that worth to cook.


Ingrendients / 食材

1) Egg ( medium size)- 3 pcs
鸡蛋(中型)-3 粒

2) Yellow pepper- 30 grams
甜黄椒- 30克

3) Carrot- 30 grams
萝卜-30 克

4) Onion- 30 grams
洋葱- 30克

5) Broccoli – few pieces

6) Cherry Tomatoes – 5 pieces
樱桃小番茄- 5粒

7) Optional ( Add cheese / hotdog / cooked minced meat )
自选 (加芝司/香肠/煮熟的肉脆)

Steps/ 步骤

1)  Prepare yellow pepper chopped , carrot chopped , onion chopped and steam the broccoli for few minutes until cooked. Then set aside .


2) Heat the pan with medium fire, add some cooking oil and pour in the beaten egg spread evenly over the pan.

3) In the meantime, turn the fire to low and place all the ingredients cover on egg and cook until egg set . If add cheese , you have to cover with lid and cook for few minutes until cheese melting.

4)Topped with mayonnaise and ketchup or chili sauce . Done !













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