Sesame Porridge with Poached Egg


Tue 20 May 2014 _ Cloudy Day  [Sesame Porridge with Poached Egg]

I’m a big fans egg  Y^.^Y  Today lunch i adding the black sesame together with white sesame into my porridge . Then additional poached egg as side dish (thumb up !!! ) Everybody knows, black and white sesame rich in vitamin which is good for skin and excellent for hair (i’m always mentioned that =) if you want to avoid grey hair, take more on that ^^ In my food blog, i always used them to cooking and baking such as Banana Black Sesame Paste  and  Black Sesame Smiley Face Cookies . Hope you enjoy ^-^

我是一个蛋脸 ÿ^^Ÿ 今天的午餐里我加入黑芝麻与白芝麻在粥里还额外的添加了水煮荷包蛋作为配菜(竖起大拇指!)大家都知道,黑白芝麻含有丰富的维生素,对皮肤和头发都非常好(我总是常提到,=),如果你想避免长白发,那就要摄取更多的黑白芝麻^^ 在我的食物博客,我总是用它们来烹饪及烘焙等像笑笑脸芝麻饼 香蕉黑芝麻糊 。希望你会喜欢 =)

Ingredients /食材 :

*Serve 2 / 两人份

Brown rice-1 cup
糙米- 1杯

Minced meat – 80 grams (marinated with soy sauce and pepper powder overnight)
肉粹 -80克 (加入适量的酱油和胡椒粉研制一个夜晚)

Black sesame seed- 2 tablespoons ( use a saucepan to toast it for few minutes)
黑芝麻-2 汤匙 ( 利用平底锅将芝麻稍微烤过)

White sesame seed – 2 tablespoons (use a saucepan to toast it for few minutes)
白芝麻-2汤匙 (利用平底锅将芝麻稍微烤过)

Sesame oil – 1 tablespoons

A pinch of salt and pepper powder

Steps / 步骤 :-

* Today i found something special to make the poached egg through microwave ! It’s really easy , simple without fail !!
* 今天我发现一个很棒的微波炉水煮荷包蛋方法!非常容易,简单零失败 !


[ Poached Egg Microwave ] 

First , fill up the microwavable cup with 1/2 cup of water (room temperature water)  then crack an egg into the water and microwave on high temperature for 40 second or until egg white is set with running egg yolk.

首先, 将耐热杯填满半杯的水量(室温冷水)然后将蛋加入水里再放入微波炉里以高温叮热40秒或至到蛋清熟透而蛋黄还保持半熟的状态即可。


1. Wash the brown rice, soak it in the water for at least 30 mins . Then drain well.

2. Turn to high heat,cover with lid and cook for 8-10 minutes until boil.

3. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.Stir occasionally.

4. Then turn the heat back to medium, adding the minced meat . I scoop it with teaspoon and shape the minced meat  into ball

5.. Pour in black and white sesame seed with seasoning of sesame oil , pepper powder and a pinch of salt .Then cook until the porridge consistency that you like. Add water if needed.


6. Place the poached egg on top and ready to serve =) 

放上水煮荷包蛋,准备上桌 =)








See you soon …. Bye ~


3 Comments Add yours

  1. another nice sesame dish, love the egg with the oozing out yolk…


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      yeah ~ i’m a big fans of egg ! As long as the egg with plain rice then i will feel very delicious (Lol …)


      1. i love eggs too, just plain rice with egg, already simply the best….love ur egg yolks..


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