Apple Celery Porridge


Mon 2 Jun 2014_ Sunshine [ Apple Celery Porridge ]

We are already step into mid- year of June ^-^ As usual, here is my lunch of the day … I’m very happy to try the great combination of fruit and vegetable meal ^.^ I adding in the  apple with celery chopped into my porridge. The taste was pretty match and refreshing !  It’s a healthy, weight loss meal , you should try this =)

我们已经踏入年中的六月了 ^_^ 像往常一样,这是我今日的午餐…今天我很开心尝试了蔬菜水果组合餐。我在粥里加入了芹菜片与苹果丁。 苹果搭芹菜的味道非常的清爽,是很棒的组合!这是非常健康的减肥餐,你应该尝试=)

Ingredients / 食材

1) Apple chopped  – 100 grams
苹果丁 -100 克

2) Celery chopped – 100 grams

3) Brown rice – 1 cup

4) Seasoning – a pinch of salt and pepper powder
调味 - 少许盐及胡椒粉

Steps / 步骤


1. Wash the brown rice, soak it in the water for  30 mins . Then drain well, pour in the right amount of water.

2. Turn to high heat,cover with lid and cook for 8-10 minutes until boil.

3. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.Stir occasionally.

4. Then turn the heat back to medium, adding in celery chopped to cook until soft then only added the apple chopped with seasoning of pinch of salt and white pepper powder . Then continue to cook with low heat until the porridge consistency that you like.
然后将火候转至中火,加入芹菜片煮至软再加入苹果丁及调味料。继续小火煮至你喜欢的稠度即可 。

Done ! Lastly, i sprinkle some cinnamon on top to increasing the aroma =) I love my healthy porridge meal today !
完成!最后,我撒上一些肉桂粉增加香气。 我好喜欢今天的养生健康粥!









Hope you enjoy ~ See you ^.^







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