Whole Wheat Pancake


Recently, i often read about “Macrobiotic” diet baking recipe book. It was a great concept for the healthy diet lifestyle. The macrobiotic diet is emphasizing whole grains, high fiber and low-fat . Meanwhile, it is very suitable for pregnant women, children , elderly and those who lose weight and dairy sensitive person. It is really caught my attention ! So, these few days i started looking for some recipe which is non butter or oil also can make the delicious dessert . Sound interesting right ? ^.^ I hope not too late to learn more about macrobiotic diet recipes =) If you are interested in non butter and non oil recipe like me , don’t forget pay attention on my recipes ~ This is the way how we learning and sharing to each other . Yeah ^.^V Here’s my first recipe that using whole wheat concept to make these pancakes as breakfast. There is no egg and sugar added but the taste very yummy ! I’m bet you will like it .. Let’s get started =)

最近,我常阅读一些有关日本长寿饮食法则(Macrobiotic) ! 它是一个很棒的健康饮食生活方式的概念。这长寿饮食法则强调的是全谷物,高纤维和低脂肪。同时,它非常适合给孕妇,儿童,年长者和减重者及对乳制品敏感者。这的却引起了我的注意!所以,透过这几天,我开始寻找一些食谱是无脂或油还可以做成低卡的美味甜点。听起来有趣吧? ^^我希望还来得及学习和了解更多关于长寿饮食的食谱=),如果你也和我一样对低脂,无油的食谱感兴趣,那就别忘了留意我所分享的食谱〜 这就是如何大家一起学习与分享方式。耶^.^ V ~ 这是我第一次采用全麦概念制作的松饼当早餐。在这食谱里是无添加蛋和糖,但还是非常的美味!我相信你也一定会爱上它…让我们一起开始吧~

Ingredients / 食材 :


1) Wheat flour – 150 grams
全麦低筋面粉 -150克

2) Cinnamon – 1 tablespoon

3) Baking powder (aluminium free) – 1 teaspoon
无铝泡打粉(发粉)- 1小匙

4) Soy milk (or fresh milk) – 250 ml

5) Vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon (optional)
香草精-1小匙 (自选)

6) Plain Greek yogurt – 2 tablespoons
原味无糖酸奶- 2汤匙


Mix in all the dry ingredients into a bowl and combine well. Then pour in soy milk and vanilla extract into flour mixture,stir until become smooth batter. If you don’t have black sesame seed just skip it .


Grease a thin layer of olive oil on pan, turn to low heat. Then scoop some batter and pan-fry for 3-4 minutes each side.

The pancake is ready to serve when the surface of pancake turned golden brown.

Put some banana slices , raisin and topped with yogurt and honey .. Yum ~ Yum ! A healthy whole wheat pancake was done ! I’m truly enjoyed this healthy breakfast meal ^.^B











Hope you enjoy ~ See you ^.^





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