Red Bean & Mung Bean Dessert Soup


The red bean or mung bean dessert soup is most common dessert soup in Chinese families.The dessert soup are in sweet taste and cooling in nature.The red beans help produce red blood cells while the mung beans help detoxification. So, eating them together for balance the energy of body health.The preparation of the dessert soup is simple,does not require complicated skills but how to cook the beans softened yet retain the bean form, that’s the knowledge! My experience, the longer time to cook the beans, all the beans to be mushy and its effect the taste. So,one of the Taiwan famous chef, his names “阿基师”(can’t find the english name) sharing out the skill of how to cook beans soup dessert in food article.Here’s the recipe i want to sharing with your guys today. So, let’s get started…

在华人的家庭里,红豆或绿豆糖水是最常见的一道甜品。甜品汤是甜口味具有清凉的性质。红豆助于制造红血球,而绿豆助于排毒。所以,吃在一起能平衡身体的健康能量。准备这甜品糖水是简单的,不需要复杂的技巧,但如何煮出完美即可保留豆子的颗粒形状呢,这就是一门学问!以我的经验,豆子长时间在锅里滚烫,很容易就爆开变成糊糊烂烂的,这影响口感。所以,一为台湾著名的厨师,名字为“阿基师”在一则美食文章上分享了如何煮出完美的红豆/绿豆汤。这就是今天我所要与大家分享的食谱,让我们开始吧 ~

Ingredients / 食材:-
1) Red beans and Mung beans – 170 grams
红豆和绿豆- 170克

2) Water – 1.25ml of water

3) Sugar – 6-8 tablespoons
糖- 6至8汤匙

 Steps / 步骤:-
unnamed (3)
1) Rinse the dried beans then keep some water inside the pot .

2) Heat up the pot with medium fire , fry the beans for 5 minutes until the smoke heated up and turn off the fire. Then cover tightly with a piece of aluminium foil (In the meantime I also covered with lid ) and simmer for 5 minutes. Repeat once again these 2 steps.

3) Now, pour in the water  and cook with high fire for 20 minutes. Then turn the heat to medium and cook until beans are softened. It’s take about 40 minutes to cook.

4) After boiling, a portion of water would have evaporated. You need to add water until the original level .

Start checking on the softened of beans.When the beans have softened, add in the sugar to taste and stirring until sugar have dissolved.

All the beans perfectly cooked . Now, is time for enjoy the red beans plus mung beans dessert soup ^.-
所有的豆子都完整的颗粒,浑润饱满。现在,是时候品尝红豆加绿豆汤甜品了 ^.-









Play with the reflection ^.^ Hope you enjoy~


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