Halloween Pumpkin Treats


Recently I always use pumpkin to make variety of foods.If you are following my blog, sure you know that I’m a pumpkin lover ^^In my fridge still leftover some pumpkin.So, I decide to make Halloween treats.This is my first time to play fun with Halloween foods.I love the adorable Halloween treats that you can serve in cute and eat healthy. For today recipe, I will use the spring roll wrappers to cut out the ghost face (not the scary type ^.^) and wrap with pumpkin to make crispy pumpkin snacks. It is easy to make , healthy food and suitable to play fun with your kids too. Hope you enjoy =D

近期我很常利用南瓜制作各种不同的美食。如你有无时无刻跟随我的部落格应该了解我是个南瓜的喜爱者^_^ 在我的冰箱里还剩下少许的南瓜,所以我决定来制作好玩又搞怪的万圣节小吃。这是我第一次尝试制作有主题性的美食。我喜欢可爱版的万圣节搞怪美食,同时吃得健康又可玩乐~ 在今天的食谱里,我会采用春卷皮割出鬼脸(不是恐怖型的哦^^)然后将南瓜片包覆再烤成酥脆爽口的南瓜小吃。制作过程非常简单又健康,还很合适与小朋友一同玩乐呢~ 希望你会喜欢=D

Ingredients / 步骤:-

Spring roll wrappers – 1 pc
春卷皮-1 张

Pumpkin – small amount (cut into square shape)
南瓜- 适量 (切成片状)

Sesame oil – small amount (for brushing)
芝麻油- 适量(刷在春卷上)

Steps/ 步骤:-
1)Prepare a piece of spring roll wrapper.
事先准备好一张春卷皮 。

2)Cut the spring roll sheet into 4 pieces.

3&4)Use a knife to cut out your favorite ghost face.

1&2)Place the pumpkin on the spring roll wrapper and fold it up.

3)Brush a thin layer of sesame oil on the both side of pumpkin snack.

4) Pre-heat oven at 180 C , bake for 20 minutes or until the edge crispy golden brown.
预热烤箱在 180度,烘烤20分钟至到春卷的边缘呈现酥脆金黄色即可。

Done ! 完成!





Hope you enjoy and Happy Halloween in advance ^.^


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