Spring Roll Pizza (No Bake)


Today I’m using spring roll sheets to make this healthy spinach pizza. This is one of the idea to help you to clear out the leftover spring roll sheets too. It is so simple, no need bake, just use the nonstick pan to grill until crispy crust. Sound great right ? Let’s get started =)

今天我采用的春卷皮制做了健康菠菜披萨。这也是好方法之一,可尽快把吃剩的春卷皮处理掉哦~ 做法非常的简单也不容易失败,而且是免烘烤,唯一需要的是一个不沾粘的平底锅就可完成的一道料理!听起来是不是很棒呢?让我们一起开始=)

Ingredients and Steps / 食材与步骤:-

Spring roll sheet – 3-4 pieces

Spinach – 3 bunches of spinach
菠菜- 3束

Brown button mushroom – small amount (cut into slices)
褐色洋菇-适量 (切片)

White sesame seeds – 1 tablespoons

Tomato – few slices

Baby corn – cut into bite size
玉米笋- 切小片

Cheese – 2 slices
芝士- 2片

Tomato sauce – small amount (to coated on spring roll sheet)

1) Heat the pan, add little olive oil and cook the spinach with white sesame seeds for 2-3 minutes or until cooked. For the mushroom slices also cook it in the same way, which is add some olive oil and pan fry until aroma. Set aside .


2)Heat the pan with medium low fire. In the pan brush a thin layer of olive oil and make sure the pan is clean.

3) Coated the tomato sauce on spring roll sheets ( make it 3-4 pieces of spring roll sheets stick on together) and place the spring roll sheets inside the pan.
*I suggest grill the spring roll sheets until crispy texture, then only put the spinach on top.This is because the moisture of the spinach will softened the crispy crust.
*Adjust the frame if necessary.


4) Put all the ingredients on top,then put the 2 slices of cheese in the middle. Cover with lid and cook until cheese melted. Done !







Enjoy ~ Happy cooking ^.^


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