White Sesame Full Cup Bread


Bread is one of the great food in the world. For making the basic homemade bread, you just need few ingredients and the kneading skill but for some type of bread there is no kneading required..It’s just like to play a magic!There is so much fun you can play with ready made bread dough.You can form the dough into any shape or even add any flavor that you prefer 😉 For me, I’m still the newbie in bread making but I enjoyed that. However, I love to prepare homemade bread for my lovely family and love to share out my little recipe with you guys, too.So, these sesame cup bread can be said that is the most basic homestyle bread recipe. With the basic ingredients and basic skills which is ” Mix – Knead – Ferment – Shape(relaxation & rounded) – 2nd Fermentation and Bake”. Master with these basic skills, you also can make a crispy crust, soft and chewy home style bread. Hopefully this recipe will benefit to someone who wants to start making bread at home =)


Ingredients / 食材:-
* Preheat oven at 200C / 预热烤箱在200度

Bread flour – 170 grams
高筋面粉- 170克

Cake flour – 30 grams (*you can use whole wheat flour)
低筋面粉- 30克 (*你可使用全麦面粉)

White sesame seed – small amount

Milk powder – 3 grams (*you can skip this ingredients if water substitute with soy milk or fresh milk)

Instant yeast – 2 grams
速發酵母粉- 2克

White sugar – 13 grams
白糖- 13克

Salt – 3 grams

Water – 130 ml(*you can substitute with soy milk or fresh milk)
水 - 130毫升 (*你可替换成豆浆或是鲜奶)

Grape seed oil – 8 grams
葡萄籽油- 8克

Steps / 步骤:-
Fotor- 1
[To prepare the Wet & Dry ingredients] / [准备干性与湿性食材]

1)Sieve the flour and combine with sugar, salt, milk powder and yeast in the mixing bowl.

2)In the cup mix in the water and oil, lightly stir combine.

[To prepare the dough] / [制做面团]

1)Combined well all the ingredients.

2)Slowly pour in the wet ingredients into dry mixture.
*Not recommend to add water in one time. It depends on the moisture of the bread dough.The water absorption for each brand of flour is different. So, stop adding extra water if the bread dough is enough moisture.


3)Use the chopsticks or fork to mix the flour into dough form. In this step, the dough is very sticky and a bit messy. Just keep kneading until get smooth and firm dough. It’s take about 10-15 minutes to knead the dough by hand.
*Do not simply add extra flour into the sticky wet dough. Suggested to coat little flour on your palm and keep kneading the wet dough until smooth.


4)Cover and leave the dough rest in a warm place to rise until double the size, about 1 hr.
*I live in tropical country of Singapore ,the weather here is hot and  humid. So, the bread dough take about 45-60 mins to rise doubled size . However, the time it takes the dough to rise depends on the weather, room temperature and the season of your country.


5)1 hour later, you can see the dough has risen double its quantity from the photo.

6)Stains little flour on finger and poke into center of the dough. If the dough didn’t bounce back means it’s rise well.


1)Lightly press out the air from the dough.Shape the dough into big ball and divide half.

2)Sprinkle some flour on counter surface. Divide each dough into 50 grams.


1)Once again lightly press out the air from the messy small dough.

2)Shape the each dough into balls.


1)Brush a thin layer of grape seed oil on the top of the dough.

2)Coated each dough with some white sesame seed.

3)Grease and put the sesame dough on the muffin pan. Cover and let the dough 2nd times for rise about 30-60 minutes or until double the size.


1) Once the dough risen to double size,you can ready to bake it.

2) Use a scissor or knife to cut ” + ” on the top of dough.

3) Preheat oven at 200C, bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.
*cover the bread with aluminum foil to avoid over browning.


Done! / 完成 !








Hope you enjoy =)


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  1. i am sure it tastes the best too since its homemade, nicely done bun bun

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