Oreo Chocolate Brownies

Ho ~ ho ~ ho ~ The whole month of December is ready for Christmas! In the town and shopping malls are decorated with Christmas trees and fairy lights.The Christmas atmosphere makes me feel happy and excited ^.^ It’s not only the Happy Holidays but it is year end Crazysales too! Of course, it’s a best time for everyone running around to buy a Christmas gift for lovely friends and family.December really a great month to enjoy the party too. I think the Christmas cake is an indispensable dessert for the party. I know , the classic brownies is too boring but I’ve modified with milky dark chocolate and spread a layer of Oreo cookies. Meanwhile, I had make the Christmas deers stencil to decorated my brownie cake too. The cake looks classy, lovely and yummy to eat.. Beautiful cake ^.- You can choose a nice Christmas photo through website and then print and cut out. It is so simple and have fun to decorate the cake with your creativity. I love everything of baking with DIY idea. That’s why I rather than spend more time on DIY =) I believe that everything done it by “heart”, the result will come out perfectly. Agree?! Speaking of which, it’s time for me to recall back the full year of 2014. I’m feel so pleased and grateful for anything and everything especially my blogger friends and Facebook fans! Thanks for your support and spend your precious time visiting my blog to read my little recipes ^.^ I hope in the coming new year, my life will be more interesting and  full of sweetness and happiness =) I’m wishing to you too ….

Ho~ ho ~ ho ~  12月是准备过圣诞的月份。在各个城市和商场都布置了圣诞树及童话的彩灯。在怎么强烈的圣诞气氛里让我感到非常开心又兴奋^_^这不但是快乐的假日外,还是年终疯狂大促销呢~当然,这时刻是大家都忙碌的为家人或亲朋好友准备礼物的好时机。十二月份的却是很棒的一个月,而且还是开趴的好时刻!对我来说,圣诞蛋糕是不可缺少的~ 我了解,巧克力布朗尼在口感上确是很无聊并且少了点层次,但经过改良后的布朗尼混入了浓郁的巧克力及铺上一层酥脆的奧利奧饼干,这将会让平凡的布朗尼成为人人爱不释手的白色圣诞布朗尼蛋糕哦~ 同时,我也亲手制作了蛋糕模版来装饰我的布朗尼蛋糕。这蛋糕看起来非常的典雅,可爱又美味…好美的蛋糕(自已也忍不住夸奖自已~哈哈)通过网络可寻找到许多美丽又可爱的图像,选好后,把图像印出来并割出即可。其实,制作模版就是如此的简单有趣。这时你可以充分的发挥自已的创作小宇宙并把一个看起来简单又朴素得蛋糕装饰得美丽动人!我非常热爱于把烘培与DIY的想法融合为一体,这就是为什么我宁可花多一些时间放在DIY上的原因。我相信一切由“心”开始,并会带出完美的结果!同意吗 ?说到这,我想现在也是时候让我回顾全年的2014。其实,在2014年的期间,我感到非常欣慰和感激一切,尤其是在部落格上的朋友以及脸书上的小粉丝团!真的很谢谢你们一路来的支持和愿意花上你宝贵的时间浏览及阅读我所分享的小小食谱^.^我希望在来临的新一年里,我的生活会更加有趣,一切充满了甜蜜和幸福=)我也一样祝福你唷!

Ingredients / 食材:-
*Preheat oven at 170 C / 预热烤箱在170度

Dark chocolate bar – 2 pcs

Plain Flour – 120 grams (sieved)
低筋面粉-120克 (过筛)

Plain yogurt – 120 grams

Butter – 50 grams

White sugar – 2 tablespoons

Soy milk – 3 tablespoons

Baking soda – 1 teaspoon

Baking powder – 1 teaspoon

Oreo cookies – small amount

Powdered sugar – small amount (for decorate cake)

Steps / 步骤:-
First, you have to prepare a piece of stencil paper and a 9 Inch cake pan ( grease and flour the cake pan)

1) In a mixing bowl , add in the the flour, baking soda and baking powder , mix well.

2) Grated chocolate with a knife. Add the butter and grated chocolate into another bowl and simmering until melted.

3) Add in white sugar, stir until sugar fully dissolve then only add plain yogurt,stir together until well combine.
( *suggested to use powdered sugar because it’s easy to dissolve)


4) Gradually add in the flour mixture into the melted chocolate,  mix them well until you get thick consistency batter . (* do not over mix, it’s will affect the cake texture)

5) Last, add in 3 tablespoon of soy milk and mix until combine. (*you can substitute with fresh milk)

Pour in half of chocolate batter into cake pan. Then put the oreo cookies on top , cover with another half of chocolate batter and use the spatula to smooth the top of batter. Preheat your oven at 170C and bake for 35- 40 minutes until insert the toothpick come out with clean .


Let the cake cold down for at least half to 1 hour. After the cake cooling down, place the stencil paper on cake surface then use the sifter to sprinkle powdered sugar to cover all around the cake. Next, be careful to remove the stencil paper. The classy and yummy Christmas cake is done ! hooray ^.^V

让蛋糕冷却至少半小时至一小时。等蛋糕冷却后,将模版纸放在蛋糕的表面。之后,利用过筛网把糖粉撒满整个蛋糕,再小心翼翼的把模版纸拿走。典雅又美味的白色圣诞蛋糕完成啦~ Hooray ^.^V







Hope you enjoy and I wish you a Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance ^.^


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