Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls – Tang Yuan (DongZhi Festival)


The end of the year can be a great time to join together with your lovely families and friends.Today is a day 5 to countdown of Christmas. Meanwhile, for coming Monday is the “DongZhi” Festival or Winter Solstice Festival.It is an important festival for Chinese culture.DongZhi is the day when families join together and eat sweet soup of “Tang Yuan(汤圆)or called glutinous rice ball.In Chinese traditional, the glutinous rice balls are usually in round shape with filling or non-filling and the 3 common colour which is white, pink and green colour.Nowadays, many of peoples love to create new flavor or colour and even the style of shape to substitute with traditional version of TangYuan (like me ^.^).These is the 3rd times for me of preparing Tangyuan. The 1st time was in last year 2013. I had created the cute bear Tangyuan with yogurt flavor .Then, the 2nd times was in my wedding ceremony.It is also one of the culture of Chinese wedding too.This year is the 3rd year! I feel so excited and love to play fun with it.It’s just like the kids play clay 😀 You can add any colour that you preferred. For the food colouring, I prefer to use the natural food colour. I know, maybe the colour not nicer than artificial colour but for handmade food, I am more concerned on healthy and the usage of artificial preservatives ^.^. So, in today recipe I just added some fruit jam and natural food powder to bring out that healthy colour. Hope you enjoy and let’s get started =)


Ingredients / 食材:-

[Glutinous rice ball / 汤圆]

Glutinous rice flour – 100 grams
糯米粉- 100克

Plain water – 85 grams (room temperature)
水- 85克 (室温)

[Black sesame filling / 芝黑麻内陷]

Black sesame powder – 80 grams

Powdered sugar – 70 grams

Peanut powder – 30 grams

Unsalted butter – 40 grams

Steps / 步骤:-

[ To make Filing / 制作内陷 ]
1) Pour in all powder ingredients into the plastic bag and shake until well combined.

2) Add in soften butter into the flour mixture.

3) Press the butter until completely mix with flour mixture.

4) Combined black sesame mixture and butter until form to ball shape.

5) Divide each ball into 5 grams .

[To make Glutinous Rice Ball / 制作汤圆 ]
1) In a large bowl, add the glutinous rice flour.

2) Gradually add water and stir with chopstick until well combined.

3) Take a small piece of dough and cook with boiling water. When the dough start floating (mean already cooked) then take out and drain well.

4) Add the cooked dough into the bowl again. (* Be careful of the hot cooked dough when combine with hand )

5) Combine the cooked dough with glutinous flour and knead until become a smooth ball shape.

1) Divide the dough as of how many colours you want to make (I divided mine to four equal portions)

2) Add the natural food colouring to each dough. The following is use natural food colour to make the different colour of dough :-
a) Pink dough – Strawberry Jam
b) Purple dough – Blueberry Jam
c) Brown dough – Cocoa powder
d) Green dough – Matcha powder

a) 粉红色- 草莓酱
b) 紫色 -蓝莓酱
c) 褐色- 可可粉
d) 绿色 - 抹茶粉

3) Shape the dough into even-sized balls ( 10 grams each) .
把糯米团搓揉成均衡大小的球状 (每小球为10克)

4) Make a deep hole in the middle of glutinous rice ball then put the black sesame filling inside and wrap them together. Use the palm of your both hands to roll gently the dough into a smooth and round ball.
* When the dough feels dry or crack, dip your fingers in water and shaping them again .


Now, you can play fun with kids or use your creativity to create them into any kawaii style glutinous rice balls instead of traditional round shape. Then put them into steamer and steam over medium high heat about 7-8 minutes.
* After the water start boiling only put the glutinous rice balls into steamer. (The steam time is depends on how bigger the glutinous rice ball, if for the smaller one just need 3-4 minutes )
* Place a sheet of baking paper to avoid glutinous rice balls stick on the bottom or you can grease a layer of oil on the plate.

现在是你与小孩的玩乐时光=) 你可发挥自已的创意把传统式的圆形汤圆改换成可爱版的汤圆。然后,把缩型好的汤圆放进蒸锅里蒸,以中高火蒸约7-8分钟。
*把一张烘烤纸放在盘低以免汤圆粘在盘的底部 / 或在盘底刷上一层薄薄的菜油。

Done ! Now the steamed glutinous rice balls is ready to serve with red beans sweet soup. Yummy =p

















Hope you enjoy ^.^V


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